About T2D

Centre Philosophy

We at Time to Discover Early Learning Centre believe that children are unique, resourceful and strong capable learners with individual learning styles experience, knowledge and interests.

Current research states that the early years is the time when children develop self-esteem, a sense of worth and a sense of belonging.

Due to these beliefs and research, Time to Discover Early Learning Centre has adopted an “Emergent Curriculum” approach to learning. We believe this approach, with its emphasis on the capabilities of the child, is the most developmentally appropriate and is most consistent with our understanding of how children learn.

An Emergent Curriculum Philosophy is one that builds upon the interests of children where children learn about themselves and the world around them through investigation and discovery, and through art, dramatic play, and social interactions. Important areas such as literacy and numeracy development are introduced and woven through all experiences taking place in each of the learning centres.

Within our Emergent Curriculum Philosophy, there are four essential elements. These are:

The Environment

We believe the environment will be:

The Role of the Educator

We believe Early Childhood Educators:

Observation and Documentation

We believe observation and documentation:

Project Work and Project Practice      A project is an in-depth investigation of a topic”

We believe that projects: